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Innovation: lifting
existing therapies into a different dimension

ORACTIVE leverages its proprietary technology platform ORASMART to develop medications that overcome the problems of traditional oral therapies: large, difficult to swallow solid tablets which may lead to taste aberrations, mouth- or esophagus irritation or simply prolonged duration of exposure of the mucosa and inconvenient dosing to certain patient populations.

Our ORA 201 and ORA 203 based product pipelines are flexible to be combined with complementary active ingredients as fixed dose combinations or in “therapy kits“ (co-packaging). 

We have implemented an “asset-light”, cost-efficient business model with the patient as the single focus.

Price-wise we play in the generic segment. But compared to the offering of most big generics' producers (standard products with very moderate margins and high overheads) the ORASMART technology platform provides major additional benefits and growth potential for 50+ active ingredients.

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Therapeutic segments

ORACTIVE focuses on the therapies of diabetes, bone health and extends into antibiotics as well as select niche indications where our ORASMART platform technology can excel.


Patient-friendly, market-oriented development to reduce side effects and increase therapeutic compliance

ORACTIVE pipeline focuses on meaningful extensions of well-established “gold-standard” therapies 

Available for worldwide licensing and distribution to benefit from long-term health and demographic trends 

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